January 23, 2019

Removing Your Ghost and Becoming Larger than Life!

This week, Karl Kaputski concludes his series by sharing how he learned to take charge of his life and how you can too!


Last week we talked about the pain, feeling victimized, being insecure and the endless cycle of depression that abuse sets upon an individual. In that same article we discussed the addictions that occur frequently based on our desire to avoid pain. Now it's time to reach out and find solutions to get you back to fulfilling your life purpose. I must emphasis, I have never professed to be a doctor or anyone in the medical or counseling profession in real life or even on television. What I am about to say or suggest are ways that I have fought through some of these life problems and what I have personally witnessed in others who have applied these same techniques. Your results will always be based on how much you want it to happen.

Addictions come in many forms. We think of the common ones most of the time, smoking, alcohol, drugs and pornography to name a few. Since they are in the limelight most of the time our awareness is greater. Most of us try to avoid those addictions as much as possible because we see the damage it does. However, these are still predominant in society today. I believe it's those hidden addictions that society doesn't talk about much that causes tremendous amounts of damage to ourselves and others. For example: abuses of any kind, bullying, greed, rudeness are some very powerful ones. To the one doing the act, it's a feeling of power, control or even selfishness. Whatever it is, it is giving that person pleasure. For the victim, the way they act, think or feel because of the act against them is going to be one to avoid pain. 

So the first thing you must start to do is to control your thoughts. This is an exercise of staying focused for just a short twenty one day period. Be aware of what your desired outcome should be. Observe where you are, what you are doing and what you want to happen. Breaking any kind of addiction is an emotional struggle. I worked in the investment industry for many years. Most people I saw that lost money, lost it due to emotional decisions and not logic. They sold off due to political or social events. They went out of the market because the stock index's were going down, got in the market because it was soaring, reacted to rumors or even if their football team won or lost that week. Decisions were not made due to the facts and logic, just emotions. So basically, your thought process should be that now you are totally free from being addicted, to being a victim of abuse, or an injustice for example. So to summarize the most obvious thing you should do during these 21 days is to not do whatever you use to be addicted to. 

The second thing is the emotional or situational addiction that you have to overcome. Stay away from the places, events or people that you have an emotional connection to that old habit. If you have friends that always want to talk about the negative or bring out a certain mindset in you that throws you into a funk or places and situations that get you craving for those things, stay away. Those physical reactions will go away after three days usually. Remember one day at a time. Just think of this period as something you're doing just to cleanse your body and soul.  And that you will be back at it after those twenty one days. You will find out after a few days go by how much better you are going to feel. The feeling of achieving your goal will start to overpower your feeling of that addiction. One thing that helps is to replace the old habit with something similar, only positive. You're tricking your brain and giving yourself something else to do.

The most important aspect of breaking any addiction is that you don't want to do it anymore. You should get to the point that you can go anywhere and do anything and not have the thought or desire to do what you use to want to do.

You have control over everything you do. Write down your desired result.

Associate a strong emotion to your desired result.

Create your plan and take action:  

A) Evaluate your relationships.

B) Remove negative relationships.

C) Grow your good relationships.

Spend ten minutes each day thinking about the people in your life. What do you like about them? Do you have those qualities in your life? Create your vision of who you want to be and what you want in your life. Change is ready to happen. You are made for more! It's your time!

Best I can tell I would classify myself as an entrepreneur. A seven times business owner, #1 best selling author, international keynote speaker and by the way, and injustice survivor. Working as a peak performance consultant in many different aspects in the business and personal world for 30 plus years, I have had the experience to delve into 54 different industries with individuals in all sorts of professions to help create within them a peak performance culture. 

Did you know that you can create predictable and profitable results in all five facets of your life? It's all about your emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual well being that are intertwined and affect how happy and successful you are going to be.


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