December 26, 2010

Happiness Percentage Breakdown

" the determination of a person's happiness, genetics accounts for about 50%; life circumstances ... account for about 10%-20%, and the remainder is a product of a how a person THINKS and ACTS." ~The Happiness Project

This is why I love my work - I get to coach people around that crucial thinking and acting piece that makes up 30% of our lives!

How it all began...

I didn't set out to be a Trauma Recovery & Relationship coach. I thought I'd end up as a high school English teacher! but, in 2007, I developed a workshop, Beyond Surviving, for those who have been sexually abused. After seeing the impact the workshop had on the recovery of some amazing people, I was inspired to take on this work full-time.

I decided to go back to school, and, in fact, completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology in April 2011. While in school, I decided that I wasn't interested so much in traditional therapy and much preferred the techniques used in coaching. It was important to finish the masters even so, because I felt that, with this training in human behavior and cognitive development, I could provide a distinct perspective and approach for my clients while using coaching as opposed to therapeutic models.

In addition to working towards my degree, I found a mentor and set to work building Rachel Grant Coaching. I'm focusing on trauma recovery and/or relationships - they seem to go hand in hand. You can check out my website for more information and to sign up for a free discovery session! 

One of my main goals is to support people in leading powerful lives! With passion and insight, I guide my clients in identifying and then stripping away the patterns of thought and behavior that have been keeping them from recovering from past trauma, making changes in their lives or relationships, or achieving their goals.

It's amazing work, and I love that I get to use my time, energy, and resources in this way!

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