May 4, 2015

Wanna see me ride a Harley (again!)?
Support these men and women in their mission to 

protect children and put perpetrators in their place!

Please go here to donate!
(final day to donate is May 14)

Last year, I had the opportunity to ride with Bikers Against Child Abuse during their first 100 Mile Ride (check out
the video above!), and I'm so excited to join them again this year.

These men and women are hard-core advocates who volunteer so much of their time and energy out of love for these little ones.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) has been established to eradicate fear, protect children, and make sure that perpetrators can no longer intimidate or threaten their victims.

They exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. They stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. They work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. They desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of their organization, and that they are prepared to lend their physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and their physical presence. They stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. Learn more here:

Your support will make sure that a child who has suffered and been abused will be wrapped up, protected, and cherished!

Every year, BACA raises funds that will go towards:

  • Child assistance funding
  • Abuse prevention brochures
  • Memorabilia for kids they visit such as leather vests, stickers, coloring books, patches and temporary tattoos

I am so excited to partner again with this amazing organization. I am profoundly inspired by the amazing work they are doing to make children safer, stronger, and heard in a world where they so often go unnoticed, are re-traumatized by the system, and go without justice.

Please go here to donate! 
(final day to donate is May 14)

So what are you waiting for? Get my butt on the backseat of a Harley and make a huge difference in the life of a child. Thank you so much for your support!

With love and gratitude,

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