March 25, 2014

One Man's Journey: From Terrified to Transformed - Part 3

This week author and director Larry Enright finishes up his series and tells us about his amazing movie project that has been born as a result of his willingness to share his story!


We have arrived.  My final blog in the series, just like my final book in the series Mad Man From Athgarvan Don’t Blink has brought me to a very important point. I, Larry Enright, have decided to do something about educating others about child abuse and helping Brain Aneurysm patients and their families by giving them the insight into my world and to show that healing is possible.  My book has generated a script that follows the stories within the book as well as other stories and thus my movie project was born.

My movie project, entitled “IF YOU TOLD”, is fully funded by donations and what myself and my family have been able to put together.  This movie is funny, sad, dramatic, kind, caring and honest.   If you haven’t read the previous blogs I will recap.  The movie’s storyline is about a young Irish lad’s antics while growing up in a small village in County Kildare, Ireland. The stories progress through his many escapades until he is an adult and finally arrives in America to live. And there more trouble brews and more funny stories evolve.

There is a serious side to this film and this is what makes this project worthwhile. It exposes child abuse in his small village and talks about the effects of a destructive undiagnosed brain aneurysm that changes my life forever. The hurdles I faced and my sense of humor helped me leap over my hurdles and move on; I know I can make you smile while sharing life’s reality. This film will definitely contains the elements that will teach you the power of laughter for healing. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the movie will be used to help abuse victims as well as go towards research for the prevention and early detection of brain aneurysms.  The movie will help others who have befallen the same pain so that healing and support can occur!

If you should like to donate to the project contact me at and we will provide you a link to make a donation.  All of our crew is currently made up of volunteers.  The donations will be applied to provide a small stipend to feed the crew, actors and actresses; rent camera equipment, cover any location fees, permits, insurance, set dressing, makeup, hair, wardrobe, music, color, sound and the list grows daily as the project moves forward. Every dime collected through donations goes towards producing a high quality, entertaining film.

Education, awareness and giving a voice to those who are afraid to speak is the greatest gift we all hope to give back.  Most importantly we want to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves!

Let me share the excerpt from my book:

Healing is an odd process. Sometimes it works with you and sometimes it works against you. I’m not sure if I ever completely healed. The anger still exists; the pain is still there; the physical weakness is still present. One thing is for sure though; the human body can handle loads of changes and the brain can reprogram itself in miraculous ways.
I’m never really truly happy though; I want more from my life than I am able to do and I want it yesterday. Perhaps you feel that way too. I always feel there is a great gap between where I have been and where I am that I do not understand. I wrote this book as a way of tracing my life and helping make some sense of it all. I hope it inspires others to write their journey down as well. Your stories are who you were. Don’t let your old stories rule you, make your life the present and live for each moment; you don’t know when things may change. Did you just blink? Your life has just changed again. Make sure you are in the moment!

So please live in the moment with me.  Help us bring this story to film.  Join us on Facebook.  Follow our page on Facebook ® The Voice Against Child
Abuse for updates on the project and contact us if you would like to join our community:  We make frequent updates to our project status there plus release other videos and share information and articles.  Thank you again for taking the time to follow me over the last couple weeks.  Again, I  hope you will find it in your heart to lend a hand and give a voice to those who cannot speak out for themselves! 

Larry Enright is from County Kildare, Ireland. He is a singer, songwriter and author currently living in the United States. He has had many adventures in his life. He has performed for the President of the United States, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, as well as many other public figures like Elizabeth Taylor and the Kennedy's. Larry was married, has 3 children, many grandchildren, served in the Irish Army, worked as a Military Policeman, worked in security, wrote and produced albums and wrote three books. In his adult life, Larry faced the issue of the sexual abuse that he experienced as a child and then faced a massive change in his life while living here in the states. Larry collapsed, unexpectedly, with the rupture of an undetected brain aneurysm that left him needing to relearn all of his skills.

After all of his twists and turns he has dedicated himself to helping others survive abuse and has formed the group The Voice Against Child Abuse. He helps direct others to the resources they need to survive their own battles. He is also working on an independent movie project to raise awareness about abuse, survival and deliver the message that there is hope and even a little laughter in life. The movie is call "If You Told" based on his third and final book in the Mad Man From Athgarvan series "Don't Blink".

To order Mad Man From Athgarvan Don't Blink, click here.

To support Larry's independent movie project, go here. P.S. I'll be making a cameo appearance in the film!!

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