November 5, 2013

Does Child Abuse Make You Fat?

More and more my clients are bringing to their sessions frustrations and concerns about their weight and body image. More and more, we are understanding the key links between child abuse and obesity.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Anne Cuthbert, a professional counselor and expert in the field of food and weight obsession. You can check out that interview here.

I also want to share with you this interview with Dr. Vincent Felitti by Safe Space Radio host Dr. Anne:

"An interview with Dr. Vincent Felitti about his groundbreaking work discovering the high prevalence of child sexual abuse among those who are obese.  In his clinic 55% of patients coming in for treatment of obesity had histories of child abuse.  When the patients were asked, it turned out that obesity was a form of solution to the problem of unwanted sexual advances.  The eating was a form of comforting for painful feelings, but being large made people (men and women) feel safer in the world.  He reports that obesity treatment programs that do not address the underlying problems of early childhood painful experiences will not be able to address the heart of the problem."

Listen now!

If you are struggling with your weight as a result of childhood abuse, please know that this can be overcome. Many of my clients have been able to successfully release the past and pain of abuse and this has created the space for them to move forward in their lives in both health and happiness.

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