February 18, 2014

Celebrating 150 Blog Posts!

Okay okay, to be honest, today's post is only #149, but next week Irene Fehr, Fire Igniter and Confidence Coach, will be starting her two part series leading up to our 90 minute free teleseminar, Reclaim Your Inner Fire and Sexual Connection, on March 12th & 19th. You can learn more about that here.

So, before we continue our three months of healing our sexuality after abuse (did you read the kick off post by Ben Rode?), I had to sneak in and say a big....

... to all of you for being here, for reading what I and others are sharing, for your comments, for your loyalty, for your trust.

When I started my blog back in December 2010 (three years sure flew by!!), I had no idea what to expect. Turns out, blogging was a great way to try out chapters for my book (tricky eh?), helped me get a sense of what topics are most important to you, and also turned out to be a great way to collaborate with others who are contributing to the work of healing survivors of abuse (this also turned out to be a way to keep myself sane since I'm no longer trying to generate a new post each week ;) ).

Now, 38,000 (!!) reads later, I am more inspired than ever to stay the course and continue the work of helping survivors who are sick and tired of feeling broken and unfixable let go of the pain of abuse and move on with their lives.

Each of you is a treasure to me and I absolutely can't do what I love without your love and support.

So, once again -- thank you!!

With gratitude xo,



  1. I just discovered you and am glad I have. It's so wonderful to hear voices, learn skills and shake off the shame.


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