October 16, 2015

How to Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness

Today we continue our exploration of anxiety, this time taking into consideration shyness!

Social anxiety disorder is the most-diagnosed mental disorder in society today. More people suffer from it than from any other mental malaise, and they suffer quietly, because even though it is the most diagnosed mental disease, it is estimated that the affliction affects many more people who go undiagnosed.

The primary cause of this lack of diagnosis is often that many people confuse the symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder with that of ordinary shyness, as the two tend to manifest in similar ways. 

In fact, Social Anxiety Disorder is essentially a hyper-active, incredibly intense shyness that causes a person so afflicted to be overwhelmed by their phobia that they eschew the situation altogether.

It can be a tough nut to crack. Here are a few ways to help you overcome your Social Anxiety Disorder and Shyness.

Focus on and analyze your negative though patterns. Sufferers of Social Anxiety Disorder constantly wallow in their own negative thinking, which is one of the sources of their low self-esteem. A sufferer must learn to retrain their thought processes and focus more upon constructing healthy, positive thinking.

Look for something simple to change about yourself. Maybe some element of your personal style, your clothing or your personal grooming. Look at your personal habits and look for areas of improvement. Try an exercise program.

In private, rehearse some new social skills by researching topics you are interested in and discussing them. Practice these discussions in the mirror.

Find new things to do outside of your comfort zone, but take baby steps. Don't overwhelm yourself by "diving in" full bore. Do something simple, like making eye contact with a passerby on the street.
If this works out for you, do it again. Add in a friendly "hello" as you pass. Try to initiate simple and easy conversations with people on the bus, at the library or at the store, but do it slowly.


You are not alone with your intense shyness. Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common mental disorders. Try to find a support group to supplement your therapy with a trained psychologist. Realizing that you are not alone in this can be a great way to move forward with your treatment, and to practice the skills and techniques proscribed to you in a friendly and sympathetic environment.


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