April 24, 2013

Patch Adams Wisdom--Part 3

... final words of wisdom. I've really enjoyed returning to these ideas. I hope that you will take one or two and put them into practice in your life and relationships.

  • Passion and Persistence are tools for change.
  • “Life isn’t a struggle, but a privilege.”
  • “Live as close to your self as you can.”  Society encourages us to bury our true selves so as to fit in.  Never mind that silly idea.  Know yourself and be yourself.
  • Be creative in everything, never sacrifice creativity.
  • Don’t whine.  “If you don’t like life, why don’t you die?”
  • Passion is not a final product, it is a process.
  • Live the life of an “enthusiator” – Tom Sawyer’s picket fence – be a great seducer, and seduce with enthusiasm – not money, not fame.
  • Let yourself take a break when you need one.
  • Don’t live boredom.  Be active, be creative.  Boredom is the worst disease.
  • Exercise your body.
  • Define success as something achievable everyday in the day-to-day goings on.  If you try, if you give your time, and if you never give up, you are a success.
  • Don’t borrow money.
  • Delight in compromise.  Decide what is essential and be resolute to never compromise those things then let everything else be negotiable.
  • Be conscious of the power of passion.  Be sure you are a decent person before you experience this power or you will use the power wrong.  Hitler, too, was a passionate man.
  • Don’t get caught up in the details of life so much that you don’t live.

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