April 17, 2013

Patch Adams Wisdom--Part 2

... continuing this series with more from Patch Adams.
  • Don’t live in fear, and don’t prepare yourself for the worse.  You must have trust.  In Patch’s case, he refused to have malpractice insurance because having it made the statement that he feared his patient’s, that he feared his patients would not have confidence in him.  Trust can not be built on fear.
  • Explore human relationships, develop them beyond name, age, how many children, where you were born, where you went to school.  Dig deep and find the spirit of each person.
  • “Health is not the absence of disease.  Health is feeling good on your worst day.”
  • If you have a passion, enjoy the thrill of the pursuit.  Burnout, feeling overwhelmed, thinking the task arduous will not exist when you appreciated the pursuit of a dream.
  • It is easy to begin.  It is harder to keep going.  Four Ways to Persist:
    • Find people who have similar goals, and welcome them into your life.  Don’t do it alone.
    • Heroes – find a role model and imagine you are taking over where they left off.
    • Vividly imagine what your life would be like if you gave up your passion – chances are the depressing image will stir you into action.
    • Find an irritant, provocation that keeps you going (i.e. everyone says you can’t, so you will show them exactly how you can.)
  • Be free, laugh, have fun
  • When you work together, you will get there much quicker and more easily.  Build a community of people who will work with you towards your goal.
  • When you fly alone, it’s a drag.  Let people be a part of your life.
  • Be willing to receive and give help.  Don’t accept the American ideal of “individualism.”  Being an individual makes you unique, it doesn’t make you able to do it all on your own.
  • Be willing to give up the lead and let others in the pack take over while you re-energize.
  • It pays to take turns, share leadership.
  • Gain encouragement from the others in the pack.  Make sure the encouragement is positive.

Check back next week for the final part in this series!!

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