February 16, 2011

Time to Get Moving!

“Many a false step was made by standing still.” ~Fortune cookie

When we are struggling to break out of certain habits of thought or behavior, it often seems safer and easier to just stick with the status quo. We often find ourselves at a moment when we can take a step forward or simply keep our feet planted. The choice we make at such moments is crucial.

Reasons for standing still are numerous .. movement creates momentum and we can be unsure or afraid of where that momentum might take us. We may feel a bit unsteady when we take some new, first steps - kinda like toddlers fumbling around. Those fumbly steps are so critical though - without them, we never have the opportunity to experience leaping, running, or dancing!

There is, however, very little to gain from standing still.

Now I'm not talking about the kind of stillness that comes from being peaceful or making decisions with foresight and thoughtfulness.

What I do want to challenge is the idea that standing still is the "safe" choice. How can allowing your feet to become as roots in the ground be safe? It seems to me, if you are firmly planted, you are much more vulnerable to those who can approach and use you as they will.
It's time to uproot ourselves! To shed the distorted thinking, memories, and fears that immobilize us.

More and more, I'm spending time supporting my clients in shifting their focus from the fears and distorted thinking that keep them from embracing opportunities or others.

If you'd like to get a move on, please schedule a time for us to chat to discuss how coaching can support you!

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