February 4, 2011


Now working on another year of life … I can say that I’m better today than I was years, days, hours ago … yes, even hours – because each moment of life presents its own unique opportunity.

We make choices not every day – but every hour, every minute. Life can change in a split second – that’s how long it takes to make a choice – am I going to be loving or hateful, am I going to shout or speak softly, am I going to be open or closed off …

Humans desire simple things – love, respect, friendship – but we’re stubborn. We refuse to give before we receive – I want mine before I’ll give you yours. But in the very next moment – you’re no longer there to receive and what I had to give is now worthless. So why hold on, hold back the love you are naturally driven to express?

What’s amazing to me is that, in those split-second moments, years are determined. Be mindful of your moments. Welcome love into each breath – look, gaze adoringly on the one’s you love – because – in the very next minute – they may no longer be standing before you.

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