June 29, 2015

A Beyond Survivor Shares His Story!

Having now worked as a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach since 2007, I can say that I have one of coolest jobs ever. Not only do I get to spend my days walking alongside amazing men and women, assisting them in their journey of recovery, but I know without a doubt that my Beyond Survivors are a very special breed. They are generous, loving, world-changers, fun, and brave.

So, it's with great honor that I get to introduce you today to Bryan, who became a Beyond Survivor in 2014. He shares with you a bit about his journey and what he gained from our time working together.

"Trying to escape was pretty normal for me. Now I don't do that... I learned that there's much more of me than meets the eye ... now I feel like a person who is ten times the person I was before I started with Rachel."

You can learn more about my Beyond Surviving program here, but more importantly, leave a comment for Bryan letting him know what you got from his story.

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