May 16, 2012

Finding Your Purpose as an Adult Survivor

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Rémy Chaussé, bestselling author of Living Life as an Exclamation Point! We had a great time together, and, to quote Rémy:

"Exclamation points are those incredible, amazing, unforgettable moments that make you feel lucky to be alive. They flood your world when you fall in love! When you get that amazing new job! When things are just absolutely perfect!"

Another exclamation point in life is discovering our purpose(s) and going after it. Yet, we often feel blocked, unclear of how to discover our purpose, or are just outright scared! In this interview, I share 5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose as an Adult Survivor of Child Abuse, but these steps can be used by anyone.

I think the best discovery I have made along the way is that I don't have "a" purpose. I have many purposes! And furthermore my purpose can evolve and change. I discovered that making this shift created room and possibility and playfulness rather than finding purpose remaining a task or chore that I had to complete. 

Click to watch the interview!

Remember, your purpose isn't just about what job you have or what you are out in the world doing - it is also directly tied to who you are being! For example, one of my purposes is working with adult survivors to overcome the effects of abuse. However, one of my other purposes is to be encouraging and an inspiration. In fact, one of the main mistakes I find we make when exploring this topic is to focus too much on trying to figure out what it is we want to do and too little time on who it is we want to be.

If you would like explore this idea further, click here for an exercise I use with my clients who are seeking to get a clearer picture of who they want to be.

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