March 9, 2011

Article: The Trouble with Bright Girls

I just had to share this article I recently came across: The Trouble with Bright Girls

I won't say much about it other than that it's definitely worth the read and that I particularly like this bit:

"Why does this happen? What makes smart girls more vulnerable and less confident when they should be the most confident kids in the room? At the 5th grade level, girls routinely outperform boys in every subject, including math and science. So there were no differences between these boys and girls in ability, nor in past history of success. The only difference was how bright boys and girls interpreted difficulty -- what it meant to them when material seemed hard to learn. Bright Girls were much quicker to doubt their ability, to lose confidence and to become less effective learners as a result."

This stood out to me, because I do a lot of work with my clients around how they are interpreting their experiences and the behaviors of others to see how those interpretations are getting in the way of them moving forward, connecting, or seeing things objectively.

Check out the article -- I would love to hear your thoughts.

Are you a bright girl who has noticed herself evaluating your ability in the way Grant Halvorson describes? If you're a bright boy, do Grant Halvorson's observations resonate with you?

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